Taylor Lorenz Makes Ridiculous Claim: ‘NYT Has Right-Wing Bias’

Infamously leftist journalist Taylor Lorenz is no stranger to stirring up controversy. She one-upped herself this week with an amazing claim — she asserts her former employer, The New York Times, only allows its writers to express “right-wing opinions.

She made her allegation in a post on Mark Zuckerberg’s Threads social media platform. In arguing the NYT only allows right-wing sentiments, she added that the paper’s editors actively silence leftist viewpoints, especially in her space of preferred victimhood narratives, opposing online harassment and “doxxing.” Doxxing refers to revealing personally confidential or identifying information about online posters to silence or intimidate them.

Lorenz’s critique directly contradicts the longstanding perception of the New York Times as a bastion of liberal thought. For decades, the Times has been known for endorsing Democratic presidential candidates, a trend unbroken since John F. Kennedy’s election in 1960.

Elon Musk, owner of the X platform, formerly Twitter, and Adam Rubenstein, a former New York Times journalist, have publicly questioned Lorenz’s perspective.

Rubenstein, in particular, accuses Lorenz of inhabiting an “alternate reality.” This skepticism is further bolstered by the Times’ coverage of various significant events in recent years, such as the Trump-Russia hoax supported by corporate media outlets throughout President Donald Trump’s first White House term and the suppression of the Hunter Biden abandoned laptop story shortly before the 2020 election.

The hypocrisy is impossible to ignore when one considers Lorenz’s own “journalistic” practices that include doxxing the creator of the Libs of TikTok X account, directly leading to harassment of their family.

The doxxing brought Lorenz significant backlash, especially as Chaya Raichik, the person whose identity was shared with aggressive liberal social media users, received numerous serious threats and had to relocate for her safety.

Lorenz’s response to the fallout of her actions was cynical and without sympathy for anyone holding the “wrong” political opinions.

Elon Musk got directly involved when he suspended Lorenz’s X account over her unethical actions. Of course, Lorenz and her progressive supporters sharply criticized Must for what they then called “suppression” of her free speech. For his part, Musk insists that X will remain a complete free speech zone, but he will not tolerate threats or harassment against users.