Taylor Swift: A Democrat’s Dream Come True?

A headline for a recent Politico article read, “Could Taylor Swift tilt Florida blue? It’s Democrats’ wildest dream.”

Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-Fl.) thinks pro-abortion singer Taylor Swift could help sway the state and the election. Frost is the first Gen Z member of Congress.

Swift named one of the songs on her new album “Florida!!!” She has also opted to stage three November concerts in Miami before the elections. Is there a political strategy behind these decisions?

“It’s so close to the election, and we hope that there’s a message included to encourage folks, especially her fans, to go vote,” said Frost. “We need the help.”

To get the help they need, Florida Democrats are planning to hold voter registration drives at Swift’s concerts, according to Breitbart. They’ll also “hold listening sessions and karaoke parties of her music as part of ‘A Day of Action (Taylor’s Version)’ when her new album is released in April.”

Democrats hope Swift will use her bullhorn at the Miami concerts to stir up issues that concern young people.

Relying on a pop star rather than policies to round up votes is telling. According to The Hill, the top two concerns of American voters are immigration and inflation, not gender ideology or LGBT rights.

Florida real estate broker Mike Thompson gets it. He posted “😂 @FlaDems are that desperate because nobody believes in their policies, sad!”

Sad but true.

Nevertheless, a Swift Instagram post in 2023 snagged “35,000 new registered voters,” according to Axios. It’s unclear how many of the new voters are now registered Democrats.

It’s even more uncertain how many will show up at the polls.

A lot of “maybes.”

In 2016, big-time celebrities Beyoncé to LeBron James endorsed Hillary Clinton. It didn’t work. Trump was elected President.

Whatever the case, Swift is one of the most popular performers in history. Will she use her pop-star status to try to influence the 2024 election with a Joe Biden endorsement?

For her part, Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro advised Swift to not “get involved in politics.” The wanting came after The New York Times reported Biden aides are wooing Swift’s support.

“Why would someone as popular as she is alienate, and I’m not saying, you know … what’s going to be, ‘Yeah, people are going to hate her,’ but why alienate your fans and Swifties?” Pirro said on Fox News’ “The Five.”

“You know, they come across from every political ideology,” Pirro continued, “why put yourself in one area?”

In other words, if Swift were to endorse Biden, she could be inviting the political divide in the country into her business and run the risk of losing a sizable number of “Swifties.”

That’s not good business. It could make a sweet dream go sour. How savvy is Taylor Swift?