Texas Republican Fights For Secure Border

As the U.S. struggles with the ongoing border crisis, Mexican cartels’ harrowing power and influence loom large, jeopardizing national security and local economies. Former Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX), gearing up for another congressional run, lays bare the grim reality: cartels, she asserts, are “better funded than our own Border Patrol agents,” employing military strategies to flood the U.S. borders and manipulate Border Patrol operations.

This infiltration is particularly prevalent in Texas border towns like Eagle Pass and El Paso, overwhelmed by mobs of migrants. Such influxes compel Border Patrol to divert resources, leaving remote regions vulnerable and enabling cartels to transport criminals and contraband across the border.

Flores’ profound insights and meticulous observations are not isolated concerns. Retired Border Patrol Chief Thaddeus Cleveland echoes her sentiments, elucidating how cartels, exploiting the U.S. commitment to uphold migrants’ rights, shape the operational response of Border Patrol and control border activities. Flores, determined to champion the cause of border security and child protection in her campaign, is a beacon of hope for constituents beleaguered by cartel influences and the ensuing socio-economic repercussions.

Flores’ stance draws attention to the imperative of re-evaluating and reinforcing border security protocols. The migrant surges hinder international trade and strain local economies; bridge closures in small towns like Eagle Pass amount to daily losses of around $15,000. Additionally, legal goods and imports languish in transit, impacting businesses and consumer availability.

Moreover, the cartels’ unrelenting grip extends to legitimate industries in Mexico. By demanding bribes from fisheries and avocado farmers and compromising the safety of agricultural inspectors, they challenge international trade norms and disrupt supply chains, exemplifying a blatant disregard for law, order, and human life.

Flores’ drive to strengthen border security and empower law enforcement agents stems from her personal experiences and observations as the wife of a Border Patrol agent. Her insights reveal the cartels’ astronomical earnings, estimated at $13 billion per year from migrant smuggling alone, overshadowing even colossal corporations like Walmart in illicit gains.

Flores declared her congressional comeback bid in July and is committed to “taking back our seat” and rectifying border policies, aligning her values with pro-life, pro-God, and pro-family principles. She urges Latinos to reflect on their values and consider the Republican Party their true representative, embodying a resolute stand against the issues exacerbated by current administrative policies.

Having previously won a special election and subsequently losing to Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX), Flores is supported by the National Republican Congressional Committee, targeting the seat as a critical flip in the district long dominated by Democrats. Her focus on bolstering border security and protecting trafficked children manifests her allegiance to conservative values and her resolve to counter Democratic ideologies opposing her beliefs.

While Flores scrutinizes the current administration for its lackadaisical approach to the border crisis, she advocates for policies and reforms that can protect American interests, empower Border Patrol agents, and uphold national security. Her poignant critique of the Biden Administration’s silence on these pressing issues highlights the urgent need for acknowledgment, accountability and action.