Tis The Season: National Christmas Tree Toppled

Since the National Christmas Tree is a symbol for the country, what does it say for the Biden administration when the 2023 version toppled to the ground?

That’s the question many conservatives asked after high winds on Tuesday knocked the White House tree over in the middle of the day.

To make matters even worse, anti-Israel protesters provided more drama at the Capitol tree lighting ceremony as they crashed the event and chanted that the nation is a “racist state.” Some of these fine Americans were arrested.

New House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) declared this year’s Christmas tree lighting “the reason for the season.” The symbolism took a darker turn this week when the wind pushed the National Christmas Tree onto the ground.

Nearby Reagan National Airport reported that wind gusts reached 46 m.p.h. on Tuesday.

Conservative commentator Benny Johnson quipped that the event was “so fitting for this administration.” Mike Sperrazza posted on X, formerly Twitter, that the Biden White House “can’t even get the little things right.”

Radio host Mike Gallagher noted that the toppling was a “metaphor.” Another pundit, posting as JamieRJN, wryly posted “if the past 3 years under Biden were a picture.”

The 40-foot Norway spruce, harvested from the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia, was checked and determined to still be solid. It was put back in place and the scheduled lighting remained on track.

Then, of course, there were the omnipresent protesters. Ignoring the reality that at the time there was a ceasefire in effect, the group at the Capitol Christmas Tree Lighting chanted, “Ceasefire now!”

These demonstrators apparently want a permanent ceasefire, which would work to the disadvantage of Israel as Hamas terrorists vowed to erase the nation from the globe. They also ignore another obvious point.

Both Israel and the Palestinians of Gaza were conducting business as usual on the day before the Oct. 7 massacre. That’s when cruel terrorists crossed the border of southern Israel and killed over 1,200 innocents in a bloodbath that begged for retribution.

And that retribution came.

Now the protesters call for laying down arms and “peace.” But peace was already there before Hamas emphatically destroyed it and started a new war.

Calling for a ceasefire now only shows that the caller sides with terrorists. They will not be heeded.