Trump And Biden Visit Border On Same Day

The 45th and “46th” Presidents of the United States visited the southern border on Thursday. Donald Trump visited Eagle Pass, TX where the average number of crossings per day was over 500. President Biden visited Brownsville, TX where there has only been 46 crossings in the last five days.

Former President Trump stated that the Biden administration policies are destroying the country. Donald Trump went on to talk about the criminal element that is in the U.S. because the border is not secure. Trump cited thousands of assaults, robberies human trafficking and murder from illegal aliens.

The correlation between illegal aliens and crime became a national story with the murder of nursing student, Laken Riley, on the University of Georgia campus last week. She was killed by a Venezuelan national who was arrested and released after he crossed the border at El Paso, Texas, in September 2022. He was arrested again in New York City for child endangerment but was released before settling in Georgia.

Trump wants to secure the border and return to the policies he instituted while President.

President Biden border visit is being called a political stunt by many, including Texas state Rep. Brian Harrison (R-Midlothian). In recent weeks, Biden has claimed that he needs a Congressional bill passed to secure the border, but Harrison disagrees. “Joe Biden doesn’t need another law. He’s trying to gaslight America into somehow now saying that Republicans are the problem” said Harrison.

Harrison points out that there are over 700 pages of border laws in place, and Biden is choosing not to follow them.

During Trump’s four years as President, there were approximately 2 million illegal border crossings. President Biden has had approximately 6 million illegal border crossings in three years. The Biden administration has had four times the number of single men crossing the border than under Trump. Biden’s border has also had twice the number of unaccompanied minors than under Trump’s watch.

Recent polls show that border security is the top issue for the 2024 election, with 36% of those surveyed saying the border is the biggest problem in the U.S.