Trump Calls For “Law And Order” After NYPD Officer’s Death

During remarks made at the wake of a fallen New York City police officer, former president Donald Trump called for greater “law and order.”

The comments were made as part of his condolences to the family of Jonathan Diller, who served with the New York Police Department (NYPD) for three years. He was fatally shot on Monday March 25 in Far Rockaway, Queens, in a traffic stop. The leading GOP presidential candidate attended the wake the following Thursday, meeting with Diller’s young widow and son, who is not yet a year old.

Trump repeatedly described the tragedy as a “sad event” and “horrible thing,” quickly adding that “we just can’t” allow similar events to take place. He sympathized with Diller’s family by acknowledging they would “never be the same” and then vowed, “we have to stop it.”

“We have to get back to law and order,” Trump added, noting the importance of adjusting policy to account for such senseless killings because the current system is “not working.” He further emphasized that, despite the tragedy, he hopes that “something is going to be learned” to prevent similar killings from occurring in the future.

The former president also emphasized that Guy Rivera, the 34-year-old charged in Diller’s shooting, has a rap sheet including 21 previous arrests. Rivera, who was injured by Diller’s partner after the officer was shot, has been charged with first degree and attempted murder as well as illegal firearm possession.

41-year-old Lindy Jones has also been arrested in connection with the fatal shooting. He is said to have been the one behind the wheel at the time of Diller’s death, while Rivera is believed to be the one who pulled the trigger. Jones also has a criminal record including at least a dozen prior arrests. He is facing illegal weapons charges in relation to the officer’s death.

Trump’s call for “law and order” came after New York City Mayor Eric Adams expressed the magnitude of the issue epitomized by Diller’s murder. The Democratic leader said that there is a “total disregard” when it comes to criminals shooting police officers.
He added that “dangerous people” committing crimes repeatedly is an issue that has been discussed by city leaders “over and over again” as they try to determine how to prevent them “from coming into our streets.”