Trump Mulls Bitcoin’s Potential to Tackle $35 Trillion National Debt

President Donald Trump is looking very closely at the potential for Bitcoin to be used as a tool to alleviate the nation’s towering and ever-growing national debt, according to Bitcoin Magazine CEO and aide to the Trump Campaign David Bailey.

During an X Space discussion on Sunday, Bailey disclosed that Trump had asked him if Bitcoin could help reduce the $35 trillion debt burden. Bailey had some ideas but wasn’t prepared to share them in their first meeting.

The news has caught the attention of the Bitcoin community as Trump has made several recent statements in support of Bitcoin, with his latest comments pointing to the popular cryptocurrency being utilized to alleviate a persistent problem in U.S. politics: dealing with the debt.

While current President Joe Biden continues to blow the national debt up like a balloon, Trump is looking for innovative ways to end the heavy strain the debt continues to force Americans to suffer from.

As the 2024 election approaches, Trump’s interest in Bitcoin as a tool for addressing the debt problem is sure to be a major talking point. Will his crypto-friendly stance win him support from Bitcoin enthusiasts? The coming months will be crucial.