Trump’s Former Adviser Kellyanne Conway Urges GOP To Embrace Early Voting

Kellyanne Conway, former adviser to President Donald Trump, has called on Republicans to adapt to early voting or risk dying politically.

In an appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher” on Friday, Conway expressed hope that President Trump and his wife Melania would vote early in Florida on the first day they are eligible.

“When the lion roars the others will follow” Conway said referring to Trump’s influence on his voters. “His voters will say ‘oh well now President Trump went early I can too.'”

Conway’s comments come after Trump recently posted on his Truth Social platform encouraging Republicans to make a plan register and vote using absentee voting early voting and Election Day voting options. This marks a notable shift in tone for the former president who had previously criticized mail-in ballots claiming they lead to crooked elections.

According to Census Bureau data analyzed by MIT 46% of voting in the 2020 Presidential Election was by mail-in balloting more than double the previous election. Only 28% of Americans voted on election day in person.

While Conway stated that she doesn’t like early voting she acknowledged that if it is the new normal Republicans must adapt or face political consequences. She emphasized the importance of securing votes from elderly voters who may rely on mail-in systems.