Tuberville: White House Unwilling To Negotiate Amid Abortion Impasse

Although his stance has attracted criticism from both sides of the aisle, U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) continues to assert that his months-long effort to halt the congressional confirmation of military appointments and promotions is worthwhile if it results in the Pentagon reversing an abortion policy he believes is unconstitutional.

After the military announced that it would cover the travel expenses for service members seeking an abortion, Tuberville took a stand against it that evolved into a stalemate with the Biden administration.

While the Biden administration publicly characterizes his strategy as dangerous for homeland security, the senator turned the tables during a recent interview, asserting that the White House could agree to end the stalemate at any time.

Tuberville explained: “I told them, ‘Listen, here’s what we do. You move the policy back and if you move the policy back, send [Congress] what you want us to vote on and we’ll vote on it. And whichever ways it goes, it’s fine. But I’d take the hold off no matter which way the vote goes.”

Instead of recognizing that the issue is a “two-way street,” however, he said that the Biden administration has refused to budge from its position.

“They want to dictate from the White House this executive overreach that the American people don’t deserve,” Tuberville added.

Furthermore, he lamented that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has only spoken to him “a handful of times” since his blockade began in March.

Nevertheless, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was quick to pin all the blame on Tuberville, claiming that his position on the matter constitutes “a risk to our military readiness” and reiterating the position of Biden administration officials that “we strongly disapprove of this and we have been very loud and very clear about our thoughts on what he is doing here.”

While some of his fellow Republicans have parroted the Biden administration’s complaints, Tuberville has gotten some key support from colleagues including Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT).

“President Biden could resume Pentagon promotions today if he simply instructed Secretary Austin to stop violating the clear purpose and intent of federal law by funding abortion travel,” the Utah Republican asserted. “To my knowledge, the White House has made no attempt to work with Senator Tuberville or alter [Pentagon] policies, because their top priority is forcing taxpayers to pay for abortion tourism instead of promoting officers. This is a dilemma of their own making.”