Tucker Carlson Predicts How Biden Plans On Remaining President

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently appeared on “The Adam Carolla Show,” where he rejected Republican fears of COVID-19 mask mandates coming back, arguing that to “maintain power,” President Joe Biden will declare war on Russia in 2024.

A recent increase in COVID-19 cases has led many conservatives to speculate that mask mandates may be back on the horizon as liberal organizations such as Hollywood have already begun reimplementing COVID-19 protocols.

Like Hollywood, Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia, also instituted a mask mandate for all students and employees.

Speaking on The Adam Carolla Show, Carlson said that Biden is desperate to win in 2024 and is willing to “do anything to win,” as seen by the president’s constant indicting of his rival, former President Donald Trump.

Carlson argued that Biden won’t “do COVID again,” referring to his means of staying in power. Carlson said the Biden administration would not impose a mask mandate because they had already been “exposed.”

“If your goal is to maintain power … once you start indicting your political opponents, you know you have to win, or else they’re going to indict you if they win,” Carlson began. “So, they can’t lose. They will do anything to win.”

“They’re not going to do COVID again,” he added. “I know everyone on the right’s afraid they’re going to do COVID and mask mandates. They’re not going to do that. They can’t do that. If they’ve already been exposed, that won’t work.”

Carlson suggested that to remain in power, Biden would start a “hot war” with Russia just before the 2024 election. The former Fox News host argued that the U.S. has already started a war against Russian President Vladimir Putin, given the U.S.’s constant funding of Ukraine.

“What are they gonna do? They’re gonna go to war with Russia,” said Carlson. “There will be a hot war between the United States and Russia in the next year … I don’t think we’ll win it.”

“As a political matter, they need to assume war footing,” he added. “I would bet my house on it: We are going to war with Russia.”