Tucker Takes On Anti-Christian Bias In US Government

Former Fox host Tucker Carlson recently claimed the modern American government sees faithful Christians as the enemy. The popular political pundit threw out several examples to back up his view that Christians are facing discrimination and persecution while non-Christian individuals and institutions are getting special treatment.

Carlson pointed to Christian churches being burned across the country, churches being shut down during COVID-19 lockdowns while other places stayed open and pro-life activists like Paul Vaugn facing legal persecution.

Carlson tied all of these anti-Christian acts and pointed to a larger pattern of persecution that has become more and more apparent in recent years.

Carlson was talking about the documentary anti-Christian director Rob Reiner’s new documentary, “God and Country.” Carlson called the film leftist propaganda, accusing it of painting pro-American Christians as a threat to society and criticizing their involvement in politics.

Megan Basham from The Daily Wire agreed with Carlson’s take, saying that the documentary is part of a deliberate effort to demonize Christians who take part in the political process. Basham argued that it tries to make Christians who exercise their right to free speech and engage in democratic activities look dangerous and scary.

The two noted that the film was using testimony from people who simply do not follow Christian teachings.

The talk addresses the serious concerns Christians in the U.S. should have as they see growing hostility to their worldview grow from the institutions they patronize to the government that creates their laws and decides what freedoms will be respected and what will be trampled upon.

Carlson and many popular personalities have taken notice of the ongoing anti-Christian bias seen in government, corporate life and the media, and they are calling it out and warning Americans of its growing threat.