Twisted Narratives: The Left’s Disgusting Response To Israel’s Hostage Rescue

The recent rescue of four Israeli hostages by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) should have been a cause for celebration, especially given the fact that many had lost hope that any hostages remained alive after eight months of captivity. However, the response from the left has been nothing short of disgusting, as they immediately sought ways to taint this heroic operation and paint Israel as the villain.

The narrative since the rescue has been truly sickening. Some have gone so far as to claim that the only crime committed by those holding the hostages was the act of keeping them captive in their homes. To these depraved Hamas sympathizers, the kidnappers are seen as “innocent” victims of Israeli aggression.

The truth, as pointed out by RedState’s Jennifer Van Laar, is that the hostages were not held in tunnels or prisons but in the homes of alleged civilians in residential areas of Nuseirat. However, these “alleged civilians” are absolutely part of Hamas and are combatants, not innocent bystanders.

One of those “alleged civilians,” Abdullah Al Jamal, who billed himself as a journalist and wrote for U.S.-based NGOs and Al Jazeera, was confirmed by the Israeli government to have held three hostages captive in his family home before being neutralized by IDF rescuers.

The notion that there is a great distinction between the citizens of Gaza and the murderous members of Hamas is not just na├»ve; it is monumentally ignorant. The Left’s pro-terrorist prevarication in the wake of this hostage rescue is beyond the pale and exposes the depths of their antisemitic agenda.