UFC’s Sean Strickland Wields Firearm In Home Encounter

UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland recently found himself in a harrowing situation at his residence when he was observed holding a man at gunpoint during an unexpected encounter — an intense episode that he promptly shared online through an Instagram video.

The footage, posted by Strickland, unfolds with a disoriented man stumbling between two parked vehicles in the fighter’s driveway. Strickland, visibly armed, takes command of the situation, ultimately pushing the man to the ground while sternly asserting, “Sit the f*ck down” following the man’s failed attempt to evade capture.

The video, shared on a Monday, peels back the layers of the incident, revealing Strickland’s initial belief that the man was attempting to steal his car. In an accompanying caption, Strickland delves into the details of the encounter, stating:

“Here’s what I know: The guy was drunk, stomping out a girl. A security guard witnessed it, he jumped in his car and drove off. Security followed him, hit a curb, completely shredded his tire, drove on the rim for a while, then jumped out and tried to hide at my house. I initially thought he was stealing my car. He was arrested.”

The 32-year-old Strickland, currently gearing up for his inaugural defense of the middleweight title, is slated to face Dricus Du Plessis in the main event at UFC 297 on January 20. The high-stakes bout is set to unfold at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto.

With a formidable MMA career under his belt, Strickland has compiled an impressive record of 28 wins and 5 losses since his debut in 2008. Interestingly, Strickland’s recent encounter mirrors a past incident involving another UFC champion.

In 2020, UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones wielded a shotgun while chasing an alleged attempted car thief away from his residence, shedding light on the unnerving reality of home intrusions taking place across the country.

As Strickland intensively prepares for his upcoming title defense, this out-of-the-cage incident serves as a harsh reminder about the very real and common danger of everyday people crossing paths with criminals both inside and outside of the home.