Watters: Biden’s Fingerprints On Trump Gag Order

The imposition of a gag order in the ongoing trial of President Donald Trump in Manhattan — where he faces accusations related to misconduct involving “hush money” payments — has sparked a fierce debate about free speech and election interference.

On Tuesday night, Fox News host Jesse Watters slammed the gag order, calling it an unprecedented attack on free speech. “Trump’s free speech went on trial today,” Watters declared. He pointed out the demand by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg that the judge fine Trump $1,000 for each violation of the gag order, which is a draconian attack on the First Amendment. “Democrat prosecutors want the former president fined for talking — $1000 a pop. Something tells me that won’t make it stop,” Watters noted.

Trump accused Joe Biden of orchestrating the politicized prosecution and the strategy behind the oppressive gag order being used to stifle his ability to effectively communicate with voters. “Biden’s fingerprints are all over this,” Trump alleged.

Watters argued that it unfairly restricts Trump’s ability to defend himself in the public arena. “It’s unconstitutional to gag Republicans in election season,” Watters said. President Trump shared a quote from Watters on his Truth Social account that read, “They are catching undercover Liberal Activists lying to the Judge in order to get on the Trump Jury.”

On the other side of the media spectrum, CNN anchors have offered a different take. Kaitlan Collins questioned the irony of Trump complaining about being silenced while still managing to communicate his grievances publicly. “Is there any greater irony than complaining about a gag order and saying it restricts you from speaking while you’re speaking to cameras and media?” she asked cynically.

The debate over the gag order has also touched on broader issues of media bias and public trust. Trump has criticized the mainstream media, claiming they are complicit in a broader agenda to undermine him. “Trump’s gagged and there’s no cameras, so voters have to trust what the reporters in the room say. The same reporters who pushed the Russia, laptop, and lab leak hoaxes,” Watters added.

The gag order against Trump raises essential questions about the balance between a fair trial and freedom of speech, especially when the defendant is a major political figure, leading the ongoing presidential race as the election draws near.