White House Called Out For Deliberately Leaking Netanyahu Call

The White House stands accused of intentionally leaking audio from a recent phone call between President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an attempt to appease critics of Biden’s support for Israel. During the call, Biden informed Netanyahu that the United States would not back Israel in a retaliatory military response against Iran for its deadly missile attack.

Biden’s statement to Netanyahu is a reversal from previous assertions as he had previously described U.S. support for Israel to be “ironclad.”

Overall, Biden has been remarkably political in his words and actions regarding the attacks on Israel and their respective responses. Claims that the U.S.’s commitment to Israel is “ironclad” come with minimal public engagement on the issue as the president seemingly attempts to walk a fine line between the far-left and more centrist Democrats who differ vastly on their feelings on the issue.

Following the leak Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) accused the White House of purposefully leaking the call to gain political points with the Islamic community which has begun to withdraw support for the president due to his past backing of Israel in the Gaza conflict. “There’s only one reason they leaked that” Rubio said “And that is that so when Israel does respond the White House can say ‘We told them not to do it’ and at least somehow in some way appease these so-called peace activists.”

Rubio further stated that those calling for a ceasefire in Gaza are simultaneously cheering on the Iranian missile strikes against Israel indicating they do not truly want peace but rather seek the destruction of Israel as a nation. He characterized these “peace activists” as “pro-terrorist” due to their support for violence against Israel.

Rubio also cautioned that Biden’s weak stance towards Israel would embolden the nation’s enemies and encourage future attacks without fear of retaliation. “It is the continuing part of this public game that they are playing which frankly encourages Iran and Hezbollah which we haven’t even talked about and the Houthis and all these other elements that are targeting Israel” he said.

Israel’s representatives have already declared just weeks ago that they are prepared to take any necessary actions to defend their country — with or without support from the United States.