Willis Scandal Further Exposing Biden’s Role In Trump Prosecutions

Shocking revelations in an explosive court filing this week have cast a significant shadow over the Biden administration’s involvement in legal actions against President Donald Trump. Joe Biden insists his White House played no part in any charges brought against Trump. However, evidence now suggests a different narrative of surprising coordination between the Biden White House and various prosecutors.

This week’s flashpoint came in the case in Fulton County, Georgia, led by District Attorney Fani Willis and her special counsel, Nathan Wade — who is allegedly romantically involved with Willis.

Invoices for legal work allegedly performed by Wade were revealed by lawyers for Michael Roman, a former Trump campaign official, showing that Wade billed for meetings with White House Counsel. These meetings, including one before the RICO indictment against Trump, suggest a deep connection between the prosecution and the Biden administration.

The case’s ethical concerns extend beyond just the alleged coordination. Willis’s hiring of Wade, despite his lack of experience in felony RICO cases, and their purported personal relationship, which reportedly led to lavish vacations funded by Fulton County, adds another layer of controversy. This relationship, as reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, has raised questions about the integrity of the prosecution.

Moreover, there are claims of financial benefits gained by Willis and Wade from this arrangement, further complicating the legal and ethical standing of the case. Erick Erickson, a respected Georgia attorney, notes the seriousness of these allegations, which go beyond mere political maneuvers.

The involvement of the Biden administration in these legal proceedings is not just limited to the Willis and Wade case. Davis also points to the actions of Deputy White House Counsel Jonathan Su and Matthew Colangelo, a senior political appointee in the Biden Justice Department. Their roles in waiving Trump’s claim of executive privilege and aiding the prosecution in Manhattan, respectively, highlight a broader pattern of involvement by the Biden administration in legal actions against Trump.

These instances raise serious questions about the impartiality and legality of the proceedings against Trump. As President Trump is the front-runner in the 2024 presidential race, the timing and nature of these legal actions seem more than just coincidental.