Woman Fakes Heart Attack During Attempted Drug Search: Police

When it comes to evading arrest, some suspects will go to extreme lengths — such as faking a medical emergency.

Authorities in Indiana say 41-year-old Amanda Smith police officers attempted to conduct a drug search last week. Richmond cops say they spotted the subject among a number of suspected drug users at a gas station and followed her as she drove away, initiating a traffic stop a short time later for failure to use a turning signal.

A police dog at the scene reportedly alerted the officers that there were drugs present in the car. Before they could begin the search, however, she allegedly pretended to experience cardiac arrest.

According to a police report, she began screaming about the supposed health emergency but when paramedics arrived, she refused to allow them to conduct an evaluation. Instead, she was transported to an area hospital where she allegedly refused to change out of her clothes and asked to use the restroom.

Officers were convinced that Smith would use the opportunity to ditch any drugs she had in her possession and she ultimately agreed to change clothes with hospital staff present.

At that point, the suspect reportedly admitted that she had fentanyl in her underwear and the nurses indicated that they saw what appeared to be a bag near that area of her body. When she was later transported to jail, though, she denied having any drugs on her person.

A scan reportedly showed “abnormality in her pelvic area,” but she continued to claim she was not hiding anything.

During a more thorough cavity search, authorities say they found a bag roughly the size of an avocado stuffed with nearly 40 grams of methamphetamine, more than 10 grams of crack-cocaine and more than 9 grams of fentanyl — in addition to a white powder that was not immediately identified — concealed in her privates.

Smith was then charged with multiple felony counts related to dealing narcotics.

About two months ago, she was arrested on another felony charge. Police say Smith invited a woman to her home to buy a ring but instead violently attacked the victim, stealing her wallet and phone in the process.

She posted bond in July, but still faces multiple counts in connection with that arrest. Authorities also allowed her to post bail on Tuesday, one day after her most recent encounter with police.