Xi Jinping Vows Chinese ‘Reunification’ With Taiwan

In the latest example of saber rattling from Beijing’s Communists, Chinese President Xi Jinping declared the nation will be reunited with the independent democracy of Taiwan.

On Tuesday, Xi asserted, “Achieving the complete reunification of the motherland is the general trend, the great cause and the aspiration of the people. The motherland must be reunited and will inevitably be reunited.”

This rhetoric came as he addressed a communist symposium marking what would have been Mao Zedong’s 130th birthday. He is one of history’s most notorious mass murderers and the founder of the current communist state.

China views Taiwan as a breakaway province that will be rejoined with the mainland — by force if necessary.

Tuesday’s declaration is another line in the sand drawn against the Biden administration and U.S. foreign policy. Washington is bound through the Taiwan Relations Act to support Taiwan against an invasion by supplying arms to the defenders.

Meanwhile, Taiwan is less than two weeks away from electing a new leader. Xi doubtless intended to send a strong message with his aggressive proclamation before the presidential and parliamentary elections on Jan. 13.

Communist officials strongly oppose Lai Ching-te, the current frontrunner for president of Taiwan. The candidate from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party is deemed a separatist, and his overtures for talks with the mainland have been rejected.

Both rivals for Taiwan’s presidency deny favoring Beijing. Despite disagreements on closeness of relations with China, each says only the nation’s people may decide its future.

The Chinese president did not specifically mention the coming elections. The use of force for reunification was not mentioned, though Beijing has never ruled it out.

The communist government has carried out two major war games exercises in the Taiwan Strait in the last 18 months, raising alarms on the island and internationally. China also regularly deploys fighter jets and warships in the disputed waters.

Taiwan’s populace has good reason to be doubtful of Beijing’s intentions. Xi carefully promotes a mantra of “lasting peace,” but his actions speak volumes otherwise.

China has a notoriously horrific human rights record against dissenters. The nation is also in the middle of a vast military expansion which includes mass deployment of nuclear warheads.