Young Girl’s Reaction To Vendor’s Return Goes Viral

Amid the constant stream of negative news that often dominates mainstream and social media a recent encounter between a young girl and a pretzel vendor in New York City has managed to capture the hearts of people across the ideological spectrum. The heartwarming interaction caught on video has gone viral spreading a much-needed dose of positivity.

The video shared on Instagram shows the child excitedly running toward the food cart operator and embracing him in a big hug as he bends down to welcome her. According to the caption written by the girl’s mother, the two have developed an unlikely friendship due to the vendor’s friendly nature and the cart’s proximity to the girl’s school.

The mother explained that her daughter was eager to reunite with the vendor after being away for a week-long vacation. She wrote “When I picked her up from school today she literally ran into his arms.”

Although the moment may seem simple it clearly resonated with many viewers causing the post to spread rapidly on the social media platform. One user commented “I got emotional when I had to say goodbye to my coffee cart man when I moved from NYC. They become stitches in the fabric of your daily life.”

Another individual shared a similar sentiment stating “This is exactly how I think New York kids grow up. Favorite vendor since childhood same bodega spot so cute.”

This heartwarming interaction is not an isolated occurrence. Other encounters between children and the adults who play significant roles in their lives have also gone viral.

In a separate instance a UPS delivery driver in Connecticut received an outpouring of appreciation from a young child on his route. The 2-year-old thanked the driver Frank Sims for delivering the package and then embraced him saying “I love you!”

Sims reciprocated the affection and remarked “We need lots of love in the world.” Before departing he identified himself as “Santa’s helper when he’s really busy” and promised to “send a message to Santa.”